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Salut, Salou


This post consists of three independent sections (Salou, Montserrat Monastery and the Skat Tournament), which I have distinguished in color. So you can also jump to a certain section of your choice.


Flug nach Barcelona, Salou Skatreise Urlaub

Based on an old joke: What does Jörg do after showering and brushing his teeth? He leaves work. Because the departure time of 7:00 a.m. had persuaded me to drive to the airport directly after the service and hit me on the ear again.

Only three days before I had spontaneously decided to go on a skat trip to Salou. Beach holidays on the Mediterranean Sea with playing cards is simply too attractive a combination. And so I decided to extend the summer by five days between two work shifts.

Multisport for Skat players

Salou Strand Schwimmen Strandurlaub Baden
Morning swim in the Mediterranean Sea

Since the first series of the three-day tournament always started at 10:00 am, the early jogging on the beach and on the promenade followed by a short swim in the sea helped me to wake up and be mentally fresh for the skat tournament.

While practicing one-armed swimming strokes, I had to think of a comment from my girl-friend: "Are you training for the Paralympics?!"

If I had been alone in the water at a different time of day, I would have been very worried. So I felt like the Mediterranean for myself and at the same time could cover the sodium requirement for the day.

Salou as inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien?

Historisches Salou Katalonien 1952
Salou, 1952

"Used as a port by the Greeks and Romans, it first appears in historical records during an important event: the flight of James I of Aragon in 1229. He conquered the Balearic Islands from Salou and eventually founded the Kingdom of Mallorca. In 1286, Alfonso III of Aragon also set out from Salou to conquer Menorca. Later, Salou became a base for pirates. In 1530, the Archbishop of Tarragona built a defensive structure called Torre Vella in Salou. In 1865, the station was put into operation, heralding a new phase of development that 100 years later led to a tourist boom and thus to wealth for the community." Quelle: Wikipedia

Salou is located about 1.5 hours by car from Barcelona, has about 27,000 inhabitants and lives almost exclusively from tourism, which is also noticeable out of season. For more information about the (historical) resort see

Gallery SALOU

MONTSERRAT MONASTERY and the crypt of Antoni Gaudi in Güell's colony

Kloster Montserrat Schwarze Maria Katalonien
Kloster Montserrat auf 721 Metern Höhe

On Wednesday, the Berlin squad had decided to take a trip to the monastery of Montserrat. The Benedictine abbey is located at an altitude of 700 meters in the Montserrat mountain of the same name, about 40km northwest of Barcelona.

On the way there, our guide, who led the excursion in four languages, made a stop at the crypt (Latin: arched building, which is partially or completely underground) of Antoni Gaudi (builder of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona). For the church building, which was added to the UNESCO list in 2005, the four materials basalt (volcano. Rock), clay, glass and slag. The guide's quiz question was: "What do all four building materials have in common?" After a short consideration, I raised my hand and was then allowed to hang the sign with the inscription "Nerd" around my neck. You can find the answer at the end of the blog.

Gallery Colonia Güell

The Black Mary and the Monastery of Montserrat

"According to legend, the first figure of Mary was found around 880 by some shepherd boys in a cave. When the bishop learned of this, he intended to transfer the figure to Manresa. However, this proved impossible, as the statue was apparently too heavy. The bishop interpreted this as the Madonna's wish to remain where she was found and ordered the construction of the Hermitage of Santa Maria on the site of the present convent." Source: Wikipedia

With the blessing and crowned baby Jesus on her lap, the Black Mary is considered a place of pilgrimage for many Christians and the patron saint of Catalonia. About 80 monks live in the Benedictine abbey today.

Fotogalerie Kloster Montserrat


Under the direction of Georg Reeg, Vice President of Lower Saxony-Bremen, playing for Treuchtlingen, and Axel Brockhoff, a 9-series tournament with 59 singles, 16 tandems and 14 mixed players took place on three days, in which series 2 was set. Names like Lutz Dollan, Angeliga Pullig, Marina Othmer, Gabi Döpelheuer, Georg Wüllenweber, Roland Bünten, Ecki Albrecht, Alfred Flöck, Ingo Münch and

Georg Reeg himself are on the list of winners of the skat tournament, which has been held since 1989.

Skatreise Salou Erwin Kröhle Dieter Knötel Marco Müller
Marco Müller, Erwin Kröhle, Dieter Knütel (v.l.n.r.)

With a 17:0 and 19xx points from the first list, Erwin Kröhle (reigning vice individual world champion and team world champion) took over table 1, place 1 in the second round, kept it warm until the end of the tournament and thus achieved an unchallenged start-finish victory (10979). Second in the singles was Marco Müller (10340) from Alle Asse Sandhofen ahead of Dieter Knütel (10266) from Skatfreunde Rosengarten.

Salou Tandem Platz 1 Reiff Müller
Platz 1 Tandem (D. Reiff, M. Müller) Karin und Georg Reeg (v.l.n.r.)
Platz 3 Tandem Salou Döpelheuer
Platz 3 Tandem (Jens u. Gaby Döpelheuer)

Platz 2 Tandem Voig Kröhle Salou
Platz 2 Tandem (M. Voigt, E. Kröhle), Karin Reeg

Hier sind die Ergebnisse in der Übersicht:

For me, after a good start with 10:0:4 and 1100 points in the first round, only a 31st place in the individual and a 7th place in tandem with the reigning senior and team world champion Erika Suhling came out. The Top20 in singles and Top6 in tandem came into the money.

Although the result is not very exhilarating, I still brought you three interesting hands from this skat trip.

Hand 1:

In middle hand at passe/passe.

Which games are theoretical at which Drückung?

What is the probability of loss in two tricks if spades is trump?

Which game I won and which Dürckung and distribution, I'll show you at the end of the blog.

Hand 2:

In series 4 I stand with 7:0:7 and 684 game points after 2/3 of the list neat. In addition to obviously good material, this hand also contributed with its 192 points to the final result of 1296.

Hand 3:

In the 7th series I sit with Corry Schrader and Andree Wendt at the table, stand already 2:2 in the first third and get the game in VH after Andree (in HH) said 18. What to druck , what to play?

Of course, I was no longer comfortable after the current standing and at this level and quality of the opponents either. So I took the flight forward, pressed Karo9 + Heart10 and confidently said spades. Here is the distribution and gameplay:

Got`ya! Mental pat on the back! Or as Hannibal from The A-Team would say: "I love it when a plan works out!" This is another example of those games that you probably only win against stronger players.

A funny anecdote happened at the beginning of a series when I sat down at the table and one of the players greeted me with the words: "For the not-so-good skat players, we offer a poker tournament in the evening." In the course he was very interested when I told him what I do for a living. During the whole list, I had prepared the final words for the fact that a poker tournament will be offered in the evening. That didn't work out because, on the one hand, the player had more points than me in the end, and on the other hand, it turned out afterwards that he was referring to the inscription on my shirt: "If Skat were easy, it would be called poker."


With its tournament taking place over only three days, a skat trip in Salou is ideal for a beach holiday even with friends or family who are less enthusiastic about Skat. From BCN airport there are bus transfers to some directly in front of the hotel. Barcelona itself, but also Andorra and Montserrat can be visited on a longer day trip. And just around the corner, fans of amusement parks get their money's worth: PortAventura World

The fact that I was still the youngest participant 18 years after my first skat trip (Schlögen 2004) should probably give us food for thought. And encourage us in our mission to do something for the next generation of young skat players.


Solution to the question "What do the four building materials have in common?": They have all "gone through the fire".

Hand 1:

Concrete distribution and druckung of the Grand:

I had drucked 2 spades and played Grand. If I had opted for queen of clubs + diamond 7 or spades + diamond lusche as druckung, the Grand would have gone down the drain. Only druckung of queens of clubs+8 would have been successful.

What is the probability of loss for the solo player with spades as a trump, if he does not druck ace of hearts?

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