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T-1: My I Come Up With A Surprise?

With the title for this post I had to hold back quite a bit so as not to sound too cocky. Because I would have liked to call today's post "Guys, I'm announcing a world premiere in Skat!".

Oh, who am I fooling!? So:

Guys, I'm announcing a world premiere in Skat!

But let's start from the beginning.

I was wondering how I could bring you even closer to the atmosphere of the World Cup besides the blog.

How cool it would be if you could experience the games live in action in addition to the game results. And so I will finally be able to put an idea that has matured for some time into practice.

I'll just record my lists for you!

By strapping a GoPro around my chest.

Since I could only pick up the "Skat-Cam" yesterday, it was not possible for me to test it before. So it will also be a little surprise bag for me in terms of perspective, tone and visibility of the cards. Let's be surprised.

But what the established poker pros can do, we should also be able to do. It is therefore conceivable to comment on the recordings of the games for you afterwards, since during a running game of course it is not allowed to talk about the moves. This in turn also means that you have to be patient for the recordings until after the World Cup. :-) Also, I will "have to" ask the players at the table for permission.

If we continue to spin the whole thing, it is even conceivable in the future that Skat will be broadcast live on the Internet with this technology or that the finale will be shown on a screen in the next room. What is necessary for this is beyond my knowledge. With me, however, you heard it first! :-) Should we therefore perhaps write a letter to Munich? :-)

What do you think of the "Skat-Cam"? Cool thing or total nonsense?

That's it this week from me. We read each other next week, then from the other side of the pond.

Until recently.

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