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My mission: Let´s make Skat schoolyard again!

On this page I would like to introduce myself and tell you about my background as a skat player.

Don´t we tend to want to inspire our fellow human beings for something we are passionate about ourselves? In my case, as you can easily guess, it´s the German card game Skat.


When I (born in 1985) first learned it from my father as a child, I quickly understood the concept of serving, but found it difficult to bid, so that at first I didn´t like it. It just didn´t open up to me. But when I got to know it again at a summer camp at the age of 13 and finally understood it, I was hooked on this beautiful game. It´s incredibly varied, there is always a new puzzle to be solved and you can play it anywhere with friends. I played it with the boys from my table tennis club, during school breaks and on weekends with my father and grandpa. It was through a friend that I first came into contact with a so-called prize skat. In a prize skat, all participants pay a certain amount (buy-in) and at the end of the tournament this is divided among the best players, those with the most points. In this way, I quickly won my first prize money and even the annual ranking of a monthly tournament series. I think it was already 300 DM back then. A lot of money for a 15-year-old student. With the prize money I had just won, I was then able to afford the entry fee for my first major, Berlin-wide skat tournament - the Hauptmann von Köpenick. It was an experience that would pave the way for my "skat career". For the first time I sat at the table with world champions and club players. I learned the first tactical tricks of an experienced skat player and was even asked to become a member of a club. Now, in addition to table tennis, I was also in a skat club. It was my entry into organized skat.


Over the next few years, I took part in my first league competitions, the Berlin, German and European Championships, was able to win several Berlin Youth Team Championships and, with a Berlin Team won the German Junior Team Championship in 2006. I am still close friends with two of my former comrades-in-arms and we fight together as a team for points and promotions, both offline in clubhouses and online.


I would like to share with you the experiences and knowledge I was able to gain as a skat player and Sports Mental Coach in my skat courses and books on my website as well as on my YouTube channel The Art of Skat. Let me inspire you for skat just as much as I am.

On my blog I write about my experiences and thoughts about skat. If you like have a look in my report of the SKAT World Championships in Canada.

On I play under the nickname Jorgen23. Maybe we´ll meet there.


Let us work together to ensure that skat is played more often in our schoolyards again.

Support me on Patreon, too.

Enjoy the website and enjoy following my blog.

Always Gut Blatt wishes you

Your Jörg

Additional Qualifications:
  • Croupier at the casino in Berlin
  • Instructor of two Skat courses since
    the school year 2021/22

  • Sports Manager iST
  • Sports Mental Coach iST
  • Lecturers in adult education
  • International Business Coach
Freddy Hund Olympiastadion Jörg Heger

Freddy and I at the Olympic Stadium

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