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Chronicles of a Journey

Flugenhafen Zürich Blog Alpenblick Cappuccino

While I'm sitting in the airport bar Alpenblick, enjoying the most expensive cappuccino of my life (including a dash of vanilla syrup the equivalent of 8,-) and using the unexpected 90 minutes more waiting time for this blog, I wonder at the same time about the name of the bar. Because when I look out of the window at the runways, I rather get the feeling that I am in the Sauerland or another German low mountain region. This impression was already obvious to me during the landing approach to Zurich – a series of hilly forest areas and an agricultural patchwork. But the canton can't do anything for my distorted expectations.

What would a Canadian say now? „You are getting ahead of yourself.”


So let's start from the beginning.

The alarm clock calls for attention at 3:45. A time when I usually go to bed after a service.

While I'm preparing a bread roll on the go, Freddy is already sitting expectantly on the doorstep. Since I'm well in time, I can go for a short walk with him, which allows his mom to stay in bed longer.

I give my family a goodbye kiss and after what feels like months I leave the house for the first time with closed shoes and socks around my feet and in long pants. Of course, I have already put on the compression calves against swelling feet.

Travel Hack Nr. 1: Use compression socks against thick legs.

The night before, I checked in and mentally changed my seat to the third-to-last row in the aisle. The displayed seat next to me remains free even during the flight. The same luck is not given to me for the connecting flights to Toronto and Edmonton – both times nice and a middle seat. Notice:

Travel Hack Nr. 2: Check in online in good time before the day of travel and keep your chances of getting your preferred seat.

Stop 1: Zurich, flight duration 1:00 hour

After landing in ZRH, a young lady behind me complains: "They have announced the farewell in High German."

As my first official act, I orient myself on the timetable after my connecting flight to Toronto. Gate E23. What does the E actually stand for? Emigration? Entry? Escape? All of the above?

The confoederatio helvetica (CH) could be a good omen for me, because there is a request to play for the Swiss national team. Fingers crossed.

An escalator leads us to passport control, which runs so slowly that I could saddle up a group of ants. Note to myself: After the return journey, check further training as an ant saddler.

Stop 2: Toronto, flight duration 8:35 hours

I'm lucky and get to sit by the window. Well, only half. Exactly at the level of the wing.

I was fascinated by a new technology that made it possible to automatically dim the windows, which is why there were no manual window flaps on board.

Two martial arts-heavy movies (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon + Mortal Kombat), the thriller Cupid, two meals and a few naps (I should have listened to my girlfriend and taken a neck pillow. Ouch.) have let time fly by. hahaha

Travel Hack Nr. 3: Stuff neck pillow with underwear. So socks and panties are always with you and save space in the suitcase.

Stop 3: Edmonton, flight duration 4:00 hours

The last 4 hours drag on like chewing gum. But at some point they also pass and I set foot on North American soil for the sixth time. For the first time, I don't stop at baggage claim. Thanks to hand luggage only. : )

Travel Hack Nr. 4: Travel light, travel smart. Travel with hand luggage as a unique type.

On the half-hour taxi ride to my accommodation along a three-lane main road with a grassy median strip of maybe 30m width, old acquaintances greet me: The Home Depot, Stables, Denny ́s, Wendy ́s, Nordstrom, Ikea.

Speaking of greetings:

This is the sight we see when we cross the North Saskatchewan River for the first time.

After a very welcome shower, I finally lie in bed and fall into a 7-hour coma after a few pages in Cupid.

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