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"That´s what champions look like"

"Congratulations on the title, you fly. But you set new standards in Skat: First place in singles after the main round AND final and 19 TP." (Correction: Ingolf Münch also managed both at the Euro 2019) With these words I congratulated Deni on his World Cup success shortly before the start of the gala evening. "But the whole thing was tighter than it looks," he replied and put the following card on the table:

Patient you must be, little Padawan. From the beginning, the story has to be told.

After the 3rd round, Erwin and Deni are on 11 table points (TP) and meet in the 4th. Erwin leads at half-time clearly ahead of Deni and is overtaken by him in the course of the list. Because of Erwin's 2 TP in this 4th series, Deni needs "only" 3 TP in the last round in order not to be overtaken by Erwin at 4 TP. At 17 TP of both, Erwin would have had more game points.

In round 5 at halftime Deni is on 2 TP with a three-digit deficit on 3 and 4 TP as he holds in HH the above mentioned (fate) cards. Knowing about his deficit, he announces after double bidding 50 and a Hearts Hand Schneider. Peter Baake in VH holds 4 counter-trumps.

Now it's your turn. How will the card have been if Deni wins his game?

This game is followed by a Grand Hand and other material that gives him 4 TP. Consequence:

Individual World Champion 2022 - Deni Lazicic!!!

Congratulations on behalf of the whole Skat community!

Here is an overview of the results of the final:

Award ceremony of the Top 16:

Award Ceremony Mixed and Tandem:

Ranking Mixed:

1. Place:

Wüllenweber Georg and Rodehüser Rosita

2. Place:

Dr. Spielchen

Wynands Reinhold and Romirer Dr. Ulrike

3. Place:

WM Versuch

Lazicic Deni and Suhling Erika

Ranking Tandem:

1. Place:

Team GE DE

Lazicic Deni and Wüllenweber Georg

2. Place:

T.Lang + his Teacher

Lang Thomas and Wynands Reinhold

3. Place:

Barb's Boys

Steiner Jürgen and Holzer Richard

Award Ceremony Juniors, Seniors und Ladys:

Ulrike Romirer Angelika Pullig Kristina Huisman Ispa Skat Edmonton Kanada
U. Romirer, A. Pullig, K. Huisman (v.l.n.r.)

Juniors: Alexander Träm, Irland

Seniors World Champion : Erika Suhling and Reinhold Wynands

World Champion Ladys: Angelika Pullig

Vice Champion: Dr. Ulrike Romirer, Österreich

Bronce: Kristina Huisman, Kanada

Award Ceremony Teams:

1. Place:

ISPA WORLD + Freunde

Lazicic Deni

Kröhle Erwin

Krack Sven-Oliver

Rodehüser Rosita

Suhling Erika

2. Place:

Team Genesis

Wüllenweber Georg

Pullig Angelika

Eder Hansi

Pullig Winfried

Saglam Yahya

Kroetzsch Ekkehard

3. Place

Link Ron

Luz Eric

Zahn Frank

Huisman Kristina

Marek Mario

Buchmann Michael

Irland Alexander Träm
Juniors World Champion, Alex Träm
Rainhold Wynands
Seniors World Champion Rainhold Wynands

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1 Comment

Extremely well written blog Joerg. I especially enjoyed your kind words on Canada and Canadians. This was my first World Championship but it will definitely not be my last. See you in Poland

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