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T-2: What Is The ISPA?

There are two associations in organized skat sports – the DSKV and the ISPA.

The German Skat Association, founded in 1899 and based in Altenburg, is not to be discussed today. Instead, I would like to introduce the International Skat Players Association to you.

ISPA was founded in Aachen in 1976 and is the umbrella organisation for a total of 20 member nations, so-called sections. These include, of course, Germany, but also Belgium, South Africa, Chile, Bahamas, Australia and Canada and others.

The first World Cup was held in the USA in 1978 and has been held every even-numbered year ever since.

The first European Championship was held in France in 1979 and has been held every odd year since then.

Participation in a European Championship or World Cup does not require qualification. The tournaments are open to everyone. Membership of ISPA is also not necessary.

In addition, the ISPA annually (over Ascension) holds open German Individual Championships and Team Championships requiring qualification.

For comparison: For the annual German Championships (individual, tandem, team) of the DSKV you have to qualify within the regional associations. Another difference between the two associations is that there is no prize money at National Championships in the DSKV.

Only two more sleeps to go.

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