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T-3: What Does The Venue look like?

Located in downtown Edmonton, the Chateau Lacombe Hotel will host the 22nd Open Skat World Championship in 2022.

The following gallery would like to give you some impressions of the hotel in advance:

The course of the Skat World Championship

You already know that we play 15 series in the main round. But how the World Cup runs exactly and what other rankings there are during it, I would like to describe to you in the following. The exact procedure of the final itself, I save you for the competition week.

Friday August 12th

On this day, all registrations and payments of the entry fees will take place at the venue: singles, team (teams of 6), tandem and mixed (teams of 2).

Only the first 12 series are included in the tandem and team rankings. Probably against the background that in the last 3 series players of the same team are allowed to sit at one table. The last 3 series are set according to the results achieved so far. This means that after 12 series, the top four players play at table 1, 5 to 8 at table 2, etc. continuously. So if you play at the first four tables after 12 series, the route is right.

Saturday August13th

The World Cup begins. The first 3 series are played. Before the first series starts at 10:00, the starting cards (where the results and table placements are recorded.) are distributed, the flags of the participating nations march in and welcome speeches are held.

Sunday August 14th

Series 4 to 6 are played. At 10:00 it starts.

Monday August 15th

Monday is all about the national teams. A national team consists of 12 players, who have been invited in writing beforehand. 4 series decide which nation may join the ranks of world champions. Start of the first series is 9:00.

For all other participants of the World Championship, a 3-series tournament, "The Grand Prix of Edmonton", will be offered. Non-participants have one day off.

Tuesday August 16

Series 7 to 9 will be played. Start 10:00.

Wednesday August 17th

This day is free of play for everyone. Excursions are offered.

Thursday August 18th

The last 3 unseeded series 10 to 12 will be contested. On this day, the team, tandem and mixed world champions will be determined.

Friday August 19th

Today we enter the hot phase! The last 3 series decide which 16 players are allowed to move into the coveted World Cup final. Excitement and adrenaline should be provided.

Saturday August 20th

In 5 exhausting lists, the world champion will be decided. Start is 7:45. At the concluding gala evening, the winners (also in the senior and youth classification) will be honored and the prizes distributed. With 200 participants, 70 will get into the money – my minimum goal!

Sunday August 21st

The 22nd Skat World Championship is history. Next year it's time for a European Championship. Then back on home soil – in the secret German skat capital Magdeburg.

Return home safely.

See you next year!

Course and Price Money

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